Rubber Stud Mat


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– Rubber Stud Mat ïCoin Flooring ïRound Stud Rubber Flooring
– Rubber Studded Tiles
– Standard Size ï RollForm
– Rubber stud mat (coin flooring) makes an ideal industrial or domestic floor covering.
– Made from natural rubber and has good water resistance property and resist to abrasion/tear.
– Go o d for flooring protection with relatively low cost.
– Long lasting &durable.
Common Application : Gym Floor, Laboratories, Bars, Elevators and Walkways, Hallways,
Staircase, Corridors, Subway, High Traffic Areas, Industrial & Automation Pathway, Heavy Duty
Work Place, Wet & Dry Area, Production Floor Slip Coverage, Skipping & Packaging Areas, etc.
Standard Size : 2’x 2’Per Pc – (RS22)
Colour : Black

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