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Sticky Mat ïClean Room Sticky Mat ïClean Room Floor Mats
– Standard Size Clean Room Sticky Mat
-Clean room sticky mats are ma de of polyethylene film. They are used to
trap impurities in areas that require dust and dirt control for clean room
-The fast, convenient, reliable way to clean shoe soles before entering the
clean room.
-Each mat has 30 layers of film laminated together in a stack for easy
-These clean room sticky mats help maintain a clean dust – free environment.
Common Application : Clean Room Or A Sanitary-Sensitive Room And Also
Not Limited To Any Areas Required High Sanitary Environment, Ie, Labs,
Office Entrance, Dust / Dirt Free Environment Production Entrance Etc.
StandardSizes : 24”x 36”(30 sheets x 8 mats) per carton
26”x 45” (30 sheets x 8 mats) per carton
Colour: Blue

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